Kamah Gueh-Thoronka

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Attorney Kamah Thoronka is the managing partner of Thoronka Law Offices. She has been in practice for over ten years and is licensed in both Massachusetts and Maryland. Mrs. Thoronka focuses her services in Family Law, Criminal Law and Immigration Law. She earned her BA degree in Political Science/ Pre-law in 1996 from St. Augustine´s College, in Raleigh, NC and her JD in 2005 from Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, MA.

Mrs. Thoronka has earned a number of honors and awards including the Congressional Scholar Award, Dean´s List and Who´s Who Awards as well as the Gem of Africa award. She is a member of the American Bar Association, the Maryland and the Massachusetts Bars. She is aggressive and very conscious about helping displaced refugees adapt to environments that are new to them.

Mrs. Thoronka has settled many Family Law and Domestic Relations cases including divorce, child support, child custody and property. She has had a huge success in the immigration cases she has handled within the last ten years. She is extremely advanced in litigating deportation and removal proceeding. Mrs. Thoronka is credited for successfully handling a case against 7UP Corporation, which was published at the Federal District Court in Maryland. She is no-nonsense and fights with every integrity to get the best results for her clients. She knows what the clients want and she fights to produce what they expect. Mrs. Thoronka primarily runs the Virginia Office where her focus is immigration; however she also remains obligated to her clients in Massachusetts and Maryland.

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