Criminal Law

Once a person has been charged with a criminal offence he/she faces numerous life altering legal consequences if he/she is convicted. State laws are very harsh, and criminal convictions can result in serious penalties such as jail time, fines, probation, community service, and court ordered treatment. These penalties can be enhanced or prolonged if the person has prior criminal offences or if the person committed a felony. With the legal penalties being so severe, it is important that people who are facing criminal charges speak with a reputable criminal defence attorney.

Hiring a Criminal Defence Attorney

When a person is facing a criminal conviction in any state, it is usually in his/her best interest to obtain the services of a skilled criminal defence attorney. By hiring a criminal defence attorney, a person ensures that his/her rights will remain protected and that he/she receives knowledgeable legal counsel. A criminal defence attorney can inform a person of his/her legal options, negotiate charges and sentences with leading prosecutors, and challenge evidence presented in court.

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